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If you recently purchased a Pro LED Series Light System, we appreciate that you ride NiteRider and we value your business. If you're a visitor, here simply to take a look and check out our revolutionary new D.I.Y. Software, that's cool too.

In the few paragraphs below we discuss what lead us to develop the Pro LED Series and D.I.Y. Software. It is new, it is different and hopefully you'll find it worth the short read!

The "Best" Light Conundrum

It is commonly recognized by riders, retailers, and lighting manufacturers alike that light specifications, for night riding, varies with the type of ride. For example, what is considered a really good lighting system for 24-hour mountain bike racing will have run times and light output levels that are different, and sometimes very much different, than what is considered best for say casual riding, commuting, or even training.

Carrying it a step further, all off-road trails aren't the same and what is considered the best light for one trail might not be best for another. Then there are personal preferences. Rider opinions vary widely on what lighting features are best for a specific type of riding.

Until the Pro LED Series from NiteRider, there has not been one lighting system versatile enough to meet the wide range of riding requirements. Consequently, riders have multiple light systems. Manufacturers incorporate awkward techniques such as complex button pushes to skip or eliminate light levels, all in an attempt to overcome the limitations of their lighting systems and then "sell" them as being more versatile than they are.

The Pro LED Series Cycle Lighting Systems

The Pro LED Series includes 2 models, one with a maximum light output of 600 lumens, the other with 1200 maximum lumens. Both systems incorporate the latest in "hardware" technology: high-powered, multi-chip LEDs for maximum light output and efficiency. Custom reflectors provide an ideal beam pattern for night cycling. Optical grade Borofloat lenses to minimize light loss, and a new quick-release battery system provides hassle free charging of the lithium ion cells.

What differentiates these systems from all other NiteRider lights, and every other manufacturer's previous lighting systems, is the incorporation of "software", the Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) Software.

The D.I.Y. Software

View D.I.Y. Software screenshots.

Previously, ALL cycle lighting systems have been designed with only "hardware" components - light source, housing, mount, cables, batteries and a charger. Furthermore, manufacturers assembled these hardware components using a single, focused, application-specific design approach. For example - we've all heard the manufacturer's claim that this or that light is the best off-road mountain biking light or this light is the best commuting light, etc.

The inclusion of a "software" component in the Pro LED Series is groundbreaking. It has added something never previously available in a cycling light - flexibility - unlimited flexibility! No longer is the rider limited by a manufacturer's specifications and designs. The D.I.Y. Software allows the rider to design his or her own specs.

Tailor fit your light to your ride. You, the rider, build a 'Program' and determine the number of light settings you want, the lumens output and run time for each 'Program' setting. Need more run time? No problem, just lower the light output. Want more light output? Crank up your lumens to the maximum! How about flash modes? Select from a list of available flash modes, customize your own, or exclude flash modes entirely. With a simple click of the "Update" button on the D.I.Y. Software screen, you download and store up to 4 Programs in the headlamp of your Pro 600 or 1200 System. It is that easy!

Software Downloading

Click here to download the D.I.Y. Software.

The D.I.Y. Software runs under Windows 2000 and above.